Don't simply rely on hitting better shots than your opponent. When you see that you have pushed him/her off balance and out of position, creep in and anticipate the next ball coming back short.

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It's Not About The Shots! Learn how to READ what's going on across the net from you, how to REACT and position accordingly, and you will win more points. I promise.

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Footwork is everything! I actually miss this shot, but I still recover. Develop the habit of getting back into position after every single shot - even if it goes out.

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When we're playing tennis, it's more important to be able to see chances when our opponent is off balance than it is to be able to hit smashing shots. Look for times when you put your opponent out of position, then get to the net!

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How’d it go?  Did you find a way to play?  How’d it feel? Or did you blow it off?  Did you skip it, skip your chance to play because you felt like it was a silly waste of time? I get it.  It’s tricky.  The idea of integrating play into our daily routine can feel irresponsible.  We have things to do; meetings, family, relationships, dishes.  I know.  I often feel the same way.  However… If you don’t give to yourself, how can you expect to give to anyone else?  Think of these opportunities to play as resets, as chances to refresh your mind, your body and your soul so you can operate at a higher level, so you can be more awake, more alive and more appreciative of the world around you.  Get happy! I created a personal…

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