We’re here to help you have fun in your life.  To live happy.  To live healthy.  To play every day, and to do so through the great sport of tennis.

Simple. Honest. Tennis.  That’s what you’ll get here.  We’re not teaching you how to hit Roger Federer’s forehand.  We’re teaching you how to make YOUR forehand better and more effective.  We’re here to help you find more joy on the court and in your life.  After all, in the end, it’s just tennis.  If you’re not having fun, what’s the point?

Every week we’ll give you great content.  A lot of it is free, but there’s plenty more if you want to dive in a little deeper.  And if you ever don’t understand something or are having trouble with one of our lessons, we’re here to talk with you about that as well.  Just post a comment or question and let’s chat!

Get out there and play.


You get tons of stuff for free!

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  • The Basics
  • Tennis Terminology
  • IPT Podcast
  • IPT Quick Tips
  • IPT Hit Chat
  • Games & Drills - Free
  • Fitness & Nutrition - Free
  • Groundstrokes - Free
  • Serves and Returns - Free
  • Specialty Shots - Free
  • Net Game - Free
  • Strategy & Tactics - Free

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  • The Basics
  • Tennis Terminology
  • IPT Podcast
  • IPT Quick Tips
  • IPT Hit Chat
  • Games & Drills - Free
  • Fitness & Nutrition - Free
  • Groundstrokes - Free
  • Serves & Returns - Free
  • Specialty Shots - Free
  • Net Game - Free
  • Strategy & Tactics - Free
  • Read and React Tennis
  • Member Series
  • Live Q and A
  • Podcast Lessons
  • Accountability Checks
  • Games & Drills - Deep Dive
  • Fitness & Nutrition - Deep Dive
  • Groundstrokes - Deep Dive
  • Serves & Returns - Deep Dive
  • Specialty Shots - Deep Dive
  • Net Game - Deep Dive
  • Strategy & Tactics - Deep Dive
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A Few of the Things Coming in 2019:

IPT MatchMate Mobile App

Ball Machine Workout

30-Day Footwork Challenge

30-Day Yoga Challenge

30-Day Diet Challenge

Coaches Coaching Coaches

IPT Kids – College Recruitment Series

IPT Meetups and Happy Hours

IPT Apparel

The Basics – Just that.  All the basics you need to get you started in tennis.

Tennis Terminology – All the terms and sayings we hear on and around the court.

IPT Podcast – Interviews and tennis discussions with recreational players just like you.

Quick Tips – The name says it all.  Short, sweet and to the point.

IPT Hit Chat – Fun and insightful conversations from the court.

Games and Drills – Free – Great games and drills you can do alone, with a partner or in a group.

Fitness and Nutrition – Free – Helping you nurture your mind, body and soul.

Groundstrokes – Free – Discussions, lessons and drills focused on groundstrokes, the foundation of our game.

Serve and Return – Free – Some great videos about how to hit these shots, and how to use them to your advantage regardless of your proficiency level.

Specialty Shots – Free – Lobs, dropshots and tweeners, Oh My!

Net Game – Free – All the shots you’ll need when you’re at the net, including theory, tips, games and drills.

Strategy and Tactics – Free – Simple and effective strategies, and the tactics with which to implement them.


Read and React Tennis – The underlying theme of how we play here at  To play winning tennis, you need to know how to read the court, the situation and your opponent, and you need to know how to react accordingly.  Create, Capitalize and Finish!

Member Series – These 6 to 7-week, members-only series consist of: general theory videos and lessons; discussions surrounding the application of the content covered in the general concept videos; step-by-step instruction on how to effectively perform a particular shot or skill; games and drills to help you practice; variations and modifications to these games and drills; accountability checks; and a week-ending live question and answer session with Coach Tom.  We do 5 or 6 of these a year.

Live Q and A – A part of our member series, Coach Tom sits down and answers your questions in real time.

Podcast Lessons – You know those great podcasts you listen to through the free site?  These are the on court lessons we put together based on those.  Pretty cool.

Accountability Checks – A part of our member series, we check in with you on Wednesday afternoons to see if you are following the series progressions, and offer you a few variations and modifications to the games and drills for the week.

Deep Dive – Each category in our learning section has a “Free” and a “Deep Dive” section.  In the “Free” section, we cover general concepts and theories.  In the “Deep Dive” section, we go further into those theories, discussing the how’s and why’s, teaching you how to perform the shot or skill, explaining how to apply the lesson to your personal game, and giving you a handful of games and drills to help you practice.

Don’t Like What You’re Getting?

If for some reason you’re not happy with what we offer in our paid membership, which won’t be the case, we’ve made sure canceling is easy.  We’d hate to see you go, but we’d hate it even more to see you all red in the face and annoyed as hell because you had to spend an hour trying to cancel a membership you didn’t want.  You want out?  Cool.  We make it simple for you.  Just like our lessons.